“I like these people, and they have these airplanes that could be improved.”

— Paul Robertson

ATS founder and president Paul Robertson’s early background with Boeing and as Chief of Operations at the University of Washington Kirsten Wind Tunnel laid the foundation for his unique designs for aircraft modifications and advanced wind tunnel models of air and watercraft.

Paul earned a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering during some of the most exciting years at the Boeing corporation, where he played a role in the engineering of the 767.

In 1977, Boeing won the NASA/DOE contract for the first demonstration of the commercial feasibility of wind power. Paul’s work on the turbine airfoils included the design of vortex generators to manage flow separation. The modification allowed control of the Boeing Mod 2B, 300 wind turbine during high wind speed conditions, and energy output was increased.

Paul recognized the potential of vortex generator technology to improve the safety and performance of aircraft, in particular agricultural aircraft. When speaking of the pilots who fly these demanding missions at low altitudes, Paul says, “These are hard-working dudes. I like these people, and they have these airplanes that could be improved.” Paul went on to obtain FAA approval for the first supplemental type certificates allowing the installation of vortex generators on airplanes.

With his experience involving FAA certification and as an FAA Designated Engineering Representative, Paul possesses extensive expertise in a wide array of aeronautical testing requirements.

Contact Paul at (360) 435-8859 or at pr@aerotestsvc.com.

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