A servo-motor based control system for high-speed wind tunnel flow control equipment

ATS offers precision motion control systems for all aeronautical testing applications. Our systems feature very high accuracy and user-friendly control interfaces to maximize test automation and efficiency.

Examples of motion control applications at ATS include:

  • Powered, electrically-driven wind tunnel model components and surfaces
  • Attitude positioning for custom wind tunnel model mounts/balances
  • Wind tunnel flow-control devices
  • Mechanical testing equipment
Screenshot of an example PC-based ATS motion control interface
An example ATS motion control interface

Our miniaturized wind tunnel model surface control system can be integrated inside most model designs. Surface angular deflections can be quickly adjusted and controlled to within a small fraction of a degree.

Exclusive, highly rigid ATS actuator design allows most applications to employ affordable drive systems based on stepper motors. Systems with higher power and/or dynamic requirements may employ servo motor or hydraulic systems.

Systems optionally may receive control inputs from customer equipment and output positional data at speeds up to 100 Hz.

An ATS turbulent flow injection system under test at the
University of Washington Kirsten Wind Tunnel.
The system’s vane array angle is dynamically controlled to within a small fraction of a degree at all times and supports a variety of driving modes and speeds.

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