Aeronautical Testing Service provides solutions for your sensing, measurement, and data acquisition requirements in a wide variety of aerospace test applications. We have extensive background in measurement employing strain gauges, load cells, positional encoders, pressure sensors, accelerometers, and many other sensor types.

Measurement of hinge moments in a wind tunnel model

Our experience integrating miniaturized sensing technology internally in wind tunnel model offerings allows designs which maximize the value of your test operations. We can provide systems for a wide variety of force and moment measurements for surfaces, external loads, and other applications. Pressure measurement may also be integrated into models.

ATS can interface additional functionality into existing data systems for tests of all kinds. Or, we can provide our own customized, high-accuracy data acquisition hardware and software system tailored to your testing plans. Our systems are optimized for ease of use and typically generate standard output products which may be imported into most common data analysis tools.

An example ATS user interface

Data acquisition functionality may be combined with our motion control offerings to create integrated test management systems which maximize testing efficiency and automation.

Our precision data acquisition and control technology is employed extensively in our landing gear drop testing facility.

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