2D wing modelHorizontal and vertical tail of airplane model.Model fuselage design.

ATS has over 55 years of combined experience building and testing a variety of wind tunnel models. Our customers are mainly from the aerospace, automotive and marine industries, but we have built models for other businesses as well. We have experience with all types of models including powered models, models instrumented with pressure taps, strain gauges, hot film and torque sensors. ATS has designed and built models for use at many different testing facilities.

Powered Control Surfaces

As part of our standard offering, we are now designing our wind tunnel models with powered control surfaces. This allows for more rapid and efficient testing. The control surfaces are remotely positioned from outside the test section greatly reducing the number of times testing must be stopped for model configuration changes. For more information, see our motion control page.

Inexpensive, compressed schedule wind tunnel model for joint University of Washington-ATS design study and educational partnership.

Model Design

Since ATS “closes the loop” with model design, manufacturing best practices, and wind tunnel testing, we have developed an ideal combination for the least expensive, highest quality, and most productive wind tunnel models available anywhere. Wind tunnel tests netting 100 runs a day are common with ATS models and technical test support.

A combination of our highly experienced manufacturing personnel, and modern CAD/CAM tools, allow the customer greater flexibility to pursue design changes discovered during testing. We can build new model components in parallel with testing to support an entry.

Aerion SSBJ during ground plane testing at University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory.


Major projects include a 1/5 scale low-speed model of the Piper Jet with powered controls and hinge moments, low-speed models of Spectrum S-33 and S-40, 1/5 scale Diamond D-Jet, 8% scale model of the Aerion supersonic business jet, 1/13 scale model of the Lockheed P-3 Orion, 1/5 scale model of the Swearingen SJ-30 business jet, 1/5 scale powered model of the Piper Malibu, 1/12 scale model of the Boeing 737-300, and many others.

ATS is your best choice for wind tunnel model design and fabrication. Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions about your wind tunnel testing needs.

Business jet installed at UWAL.

Wind Tunnel Test Support

The experience of our support staff allows us to quickly anticipate and meet our customers needs. We are experienced in both the technical and engineering aspects of testing, and have supported tests for many different customers.

Engineering test support includes, but is not limited to: test plan development, data analysis and extraction, and direct model support. Test support will radically improve the productivity of your test. Let us help you get the most from your test.