Aerodynamic Design, Analysis and FAA Certification

Diamond Aircraft D-Jet
Technical Test Support.

Design and Analysis

ATS, Inc. has many years of experience engineering solutions for our customers. Let our experience work for you to reduce the risk of your project. We have remedied aerodynamic as well as stability and control issues on many new and modified aircraft. Fixing poor stall characteristics, post stall pitch up and marginal or poor directional stability, all of which can effect a project’s success, are our specialties. The following is a partial list of services we perform:

  • Airplane design.
  • Wings and wing modifications.
  • High lift system design.
  • Propeller design (including ducted fans).
  • Engine installations.
  • Intercooler design.
  • Aerodynamic loads calculations for aircraft certification purposes.
  • Development of piloted six degree of freedom simulations for handling qualities analysis.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics¬†analysis for design and analysis.
  • Design of structural test fixtures.

FAA Certification

ATS, Inc. is the owner of over 20 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for modifications relating to general aviation and agricultural aircraft. We have also assisted, under contract, other companies on 30+ aircraft certification projects for which STCs were also awarded. We are very familiar with the certification process and we can help you meet your certification timeline. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Flight testing.
  • Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representative (FAA-DER) approval of flight test data.
  • Flight test instrumentation, data acquisition, and analysis.
  • Aircraft performance testing.
  • Aircraft gross weight increases.
  • Landing gear drop testing.
  • Aircraft modifications including re-engining.
  • Aircraft flight manual creation.

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