Commercial Customers

1/10th scale Bearcat F8F-1 wind tunnel model in Naval Academy wind tunnel Orion alternate launch abort configuration test at UWAL. Image Credit: NASA Aerion SSBJ scale wing in ETW test sectionPiper Jet Aerion SSBJ at 2007 AIAA Reno Diamond Aircraft D-JetSpectrum S-33 JSF CATB SafireSwearingen SJ-30

University Tests

UW 2009 Student Wind Tunnel Model - SSBJ Noise Studies - Wind Tunnel Model by ATS UW 2008 Capstone Design Project - Wind Tunnel Model by ATS UW 2007 Student Wind Tunnel ModelUniversity of Washington 2006 Wind Tunnel Model (photo by Sean Richardson) University of Washington 2005 Wind Tunnel Model University of Washington 2004 Wind Tunnel ModelUW 1997 Student Wind Tunnel Model